Tamworth Piglets For Sale!

Hello dear friends of WCF, we have piglets for sale!

Our sows were very kind to us, this fall, and we have an abundance of Tamworth piglets snuggling in our barn right now!

They are 8 weeks old and both female and castrated male. As per usual, here at the farm, they have been raised organically and with a lot of love (and delicious snacks from the garden ;)

If you’re interested or have questions please contact Nick at 519-856-1384 or e-mail us at wholecirclefarmcsa@gmail.com

Winter CSA has begun!

We love watermelon radish!

Yesterday was our first winter CSA pick up!! It was so great to see all of you again. We look forward to a great winter season again!

We still have a few spots left. If you’re interested in becoming a winter CSA member you can still sign up by emailing or phoning us. 519-856-1384, wholecirclefarmcsa [at] gmail.com



Winter CSA is open!

After giving our current CSA members a first go, we are 60% full, and are now open for new people who might want to join our winter CSA.

You can go to http://www.wholecirclefarm.ca/?page_id=3204 our website to find out more about the winter CSA. At the bottom of that page you can link to an online sign up or to print a form to send into us. 

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

The Great Potato Harvest! Come help us out! Wed Oct 8 – 8am-6pm

Hello Dear Friends and Supporters!

Its that time of year that we’ve really got to get crops out of the ground for winter! Please join us. We’ll feed you an excellent lunch and or dinner! (please let us know if you’re able to make it so that we have enough food for you!)

This week we’ll be harvesting potatoes. This delicious food that keeps you well fed all winter long (and all summer too!) is ready to be cradled and put in the cooler.

When: Wednesday Oct 8, 8am-6pm

Who: You and all your family and friends!

Where: Whole Circle Farm, Chapman property. (3rd driveway on left on 1st line north of 50)

Thanks so much for your support!



Come one! Come all! Come participate in a farm victory!
We invite you to a crop mob this July 5th from 6am – 12pm!
drop in as you please, and join us for a potluck afterwards!

call us! 519 856 1384

email us! wholecirclefarmcsa@gmail.com