2016 Spring and Summer Registration Now Open!!


Come join us for another amazing season here at Whole Circle Farm!! We are very excited to be bringing you another year of delicious, nutritious, nutrient dense produce that is grown with your health, soil health, farm health, and health of the Earth in mind.

You can read a bit more about our spring and summer shares here

You can go ahead and sign up online here (Remember we have to charge about 3% more online to pay paypal for their services).

You can also print of a Spring and/or Summer registration form and mail it into us or drop it off at the farm store.

Come join the farm this spring and summer!!


Beef and Pork Sale

We are having a SALE on Beef and Pork!

Sides and quarters (beef) or whole and sides (pork). Sale on now until February 15th.

Pork Sale!!

Whole and Half Pigs!

Normally our pork is $7/lb, but we’re doing a special sale if ordered by Feb 15th

Order Now to Avoid Disappointment!

If you’ve never before tasted local, organic, heritage, pastured pork, now is your chance to fill your freezer with all sorts of delicious cuts for you and your family.However, there is a limited supply, so order now to avoid disappointment. Our pork is popular and we will sell out quickly.

The sale price is $6 per pound with an additional cost per pound for sausage and smoked meat (ham, bacon, hocks etc.). You will be charged according to the “hanging weight”.

You can expect a hanging weight of approximately 150 – 200 pounds for a whole, and75 – 100 pounds for a side.

A deposit of $400 is needed for a whole pig, and a deposit of $200 is needed for a half pig.

There are many different ways that you can cut up your half or whole. From the popular bacon, ham and sausage to the rarer cuts, we are happy to inform you of your options and walk you through the ordering process.
Our pigs are Tamworths. One of the oldest breeds in the world which originated in a town of the same name in England. They are raised the old fashioned way on a diet of local organic grains, veggies and wide-open pasture during the warmer months of the year. They are renowned for their unique flavour and hardiness, well-suited to the cold Canadian winters and for making the most scrumptious sausages and bacon. Raised with lots of TLC and the utmost attention to health and welfare. We hope you can taste the difference!

Beef Sale!!!
Sides and Quarters!!

Regular price is $7.50/lb but if you order by February 15th then you’ll receive our sale price.

Beef Quarter: $6.25/lb
Beef Half: $6/lb

A deposit of $400 is needed for a half cow, and a deposit of $200 is needed for a quarter cow.

You will be charged according to the hanging weight. You can expect the hanging weight to be between 100 and 125lb per quarter.

Our beef is 100% grass fed and finished. They spend their lives outside with access to our barn shelter and are rotated through our pastures using a rotational grazing system. We spend a lot of time with our cattle and we name each one. We really love them, and we hope you can taste this in their meat.

There are many different cuts that you can choose from. Maggie will walk you through this process.
If you have any questions at all about our pigs or cows, what exactly you can order, how you order, and what you actually get, please call Maggie at (519) 856 – 1384  OR  email us atwholecirclefarmcsa@gmail.com

Still Room



Our Winter CSA has begun and we still have a few spots left! If you are interested in joining our delicious, local and organic CSA please email us wholecirclefarmcsa[at]gmail.com We will pro-rate the cost to account for the week you join.


The 2015-2016 Winter CSA is now Open for Registration!


Frost-sweetened carrots, beautiful squash and sweet winter spinach await you!  The season of winter is full of savoury, sweet and comforting flavours that only get better by seeing the rosy cheeks of the farmers that harvest them.  Sign yourself up for a winter of abundance!

CLICK HERE to sign up NOW on-line!


Print off (or come pick up) a copy of our REGISTRATION FORM and send/hand it in to us, accompanied with a personal cheque to:

8786 Wellington Rd. 50
Acton, ON
L7J 2L9

 Pick-ups are on the farm, every other Thursday from 2pm-7pm, starting November 5th and running over 20 weeks. 

Share SizeOptions Investment
(in person/on-line)
Small $251/$259
Medium $351/$362
Large $431/$444
X-Large $481/$496
Flour $40/$42

Gastro Winter Wonderland Features:

  • Low Carbon Footprint Salad Greens– Our winter salad greens are a huge hit across southwestern Ontario, they can’t be beat!

  • Market style pick-up: you decide which veggies you want to fulfill your weekly share
  • Flour CSA – 10 weeks of fresh stone ground spelt, wheat or rye flour (1 kg per week)


Still room in our Summer CSA!



Attention all lovers of good food and healthy communities! After expanding our Summer CSA this year we STILL HAVE ROOM in both our Farm and Georgetown pick up locations!

Ways to sign up:

1) Send us an e-mail at wholecirclefarmcsa@gmail.com to reserve your spot today! Copy and paste the link below into your web browser for the CSA sign up form.

2) Visit our farm store, and fill out forms available and drop your personal cheque in the jar provided.

Summer CSA sign up sheet: http://www.wholecirclefarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/registration_csa_2015-02-17LJ.pdf

How does it work?

When you sign up for your shares, you will select your preferred weekly pick-up day and location. We will inform you closer to the time when the first pick-up will be.

Spring Options:

  • Farm  – Pick up your share on the farm (located between Acton and Rockwood) every other Thursday 4pm-7pm

Summer Options :

  • Farm – Pick up your share on the farm (located between Acton and Rockwood) on Tuesdays 4pm-7pm
  • Georgetown Market  – Pick up your share at the Georgetown farmers’ market on Saturdays 8am-12pm from our farm stand

Winter Options:

  • Farm  – Pick up your share on the farm (located between Acton and Rockwood) every other Thursday 2pm-7pm

How much food is in my share?

The Sizes:

Choose from 4 share sizes! Pick the one most perfect for your family, from X-large to Small.  The Large Share is suited for a family of approximately 2 parents and 2-3 children or 2 vegetable loving adults. A Small Share is suited for a small family, couple or a vegetable loving adult. With this year’s addition of the Medium and X-large share, there is is just that much more selection.

The Points:

The CSA functions on a point system. All the vegetables have a point value for a specific amount. As a member you are free to determine which vegetables you take and the amounts you want determined by your share size!  The amount of points available (and therefore the amount of veggies available) every week usually remains the same all season long.

Share SizeOptions Investment
Small $460
Medium $600
Large $800
X-Large $940
Flour $80

Georgetown pick-up includes a $10 travel fee in addition to these prices.

Does any of this tickle your appetite? sign up online here or e-mail us at wholecirclefarmcsa@gmail.com to chat more!