About Us

Whole Circle Farm is a wholly diversified 200 acre family-style farm! We endeavour to put the health and well-being of our land, our animals, our plants, our community, and ourselves at the forefront. We believe that sustainable agriculture incorporates the health of all things: the soil, the natural ecosystem, the livestock, the crops, the community, and the farmers. Using organic and biodynamic principles, we consider what is best for the entire web of life and farm. We must treat the land with care if we wish to live (and eat!) well in return. :)
At Whole Circle Farm, our guiding values are to:
  • provide our community with high-quality, nutrient-dense food for mind body and spirit
  • save seed and participate in regionally-adapted, organic seed production, an act we view as a necessary and sacred duty, one we participate in wholeheartedly and passionately on our farm

To meet these goals, we have a diverse array of operations on our farm! We grow several types of vegetables, and we are passionate about seed saving. We raise a mix of livestock on our farm, all of them pastured: 100% grass-fed cattle, heritage pigs, and free-roaming laying hens. We also have a young mixed orchard, small perennial herb and fruit garden, maple bush, and grow various field crops.

It gives us great joy to provide delicious, fresh produce, grains, eggs, meat, and more year-round to our local community! 

We hope you enjoy your food!

– Your Whole Circle Farmers

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Want to become part of our community & enjoy our great food?

You can purchase our produce year-round at our self-serve Farm Store, open 24/7.