Meet Your Farmers

Maggie & Johann Kleinsasser
Whole Circle Farm Founders and Managers
(The people who make Whole Circle Farm possible!)

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Maggie and Johann came to Ontario from Alberta and Saskatchewan, respectively. Growing up in conventional farming communities, they have always lived communally. Founding Whole Circle Farm in 2002, they sought to make space for people to learn, grow and be themselves while growing delicious, organic, biodynamic, nutrient-dense food of the highest quality.

It’s hard to believe but Johann began his farming career as a young man tasked with spraying his community’s crops with herbicides. In 1981 Johann moved to Ontario and began his tenure at Community Farm, near Kitchener. Here Johann began working with his organic gardening mentor, Fred Kemp. After being introduced to the works of Rachel Carson, Sir Albert Howard and F.H King, Johann and Fred began the task of slowly trying to convert Community Farm’s 300 acres into organic production. After spending time growing corn in Uruguay and Paraguay, Fred learned to save seeds by watching the parrots eating the best-looking corn. Seed saving excited Johann and he pursued a project of saving seeds at Community Farm throughout the 1990s; for a time, he was an active member of ‘Seed Savers Exchange’ based in Iowa.

Not to be bought by theories of ‘overpopulation’ destroying the earth, and dismissing overpopulation as a cause of hunger, Johann began exploring biodynamics with Bernard Hack in 1990. Both a physical and spiritual shift occurred; biodynamics gave Johann and Maggie an opportunity to grow better food and make better soil.

Maggie was born in Alberta but moved to Community Farm in 1960 with her family. Involved in the garden at an early age, she can remember picking strawberries at the tender age of 7. Maggie brings a lifetime of knowledge about perennials, herbs, processing and preserving to the farm and is the rock which allows everyone to be well-taken care of and loved. In the mid-1990’s Maggie began helping Johann with his seed saving projects and still remembers the change in the soil during those first few years of biodynamic farming. Spending time with the cows is Maggie’s favourite activity on the farm, as she values the incredible energy the cattle infuse our community with. Her classic line about the farm is that you can ‘taste the love in our food.’ Indeed Maggie enjoys cooking with the abundance of food we grow and raise – and anyone who tries it can agree that it is INCREDIBLE!

Always welcoming  new experiences, thoughts and ideas, Maggie and Johann have supported a variety of interns, garden employees and managers at the farm since they began Whole Circle Farm in 2002.