Mary Ann’s Green Curry Soup

Mary Ann’s “How do I use all these greens?” Green Curry Soup 2 Tbsp light oil (anything but olive oil) 1 handful garlic scapes, chopped 1 pint mushrooms, sliced 3-4 turnips or 1 kohlrabi, sliced 4-5 cups stock (veggie or chicken) 2-3 Tbsp green curry paste 3-4 white potatoes, diced 4-5 cups of chopped greens […]

Bok Choi and Chicken Soup

Bok Choi & Chicken Soup 3 cups chicken broth 10 leaves bok choy, thinly sliced 2 teaspoons soy sauce 2 teaspoons sesame oil 1 teaspoon minced hot pepper (no seeds) 1 garlic clove, peeled, chopped Bring the chicken broth to boil in a medium saucepan. Stir in the seasonings (the hot pepper, soy sauce, sesame […]

Spicy Bok Choi Side Dish

Spicy Bok Choi Side Dish 1 bok choi (any size) 1 tbsp Sesame oil ¼ clove garlic, minced 1 tbsp grated, peeled ginger ½ tsp Yellow curry paste Soy sauce Deleaf the bok choi, cut the leaves from the stems, and chop the stems into bite sized pieces. Rinse the bok choi (don’t shake off […]

Bok choi and chickpeas with cashews

Bok choi and chickpeas with cashews 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 1 tbsp grated, peeled ginger 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp Japanese rice cooking wine 1 cup cooked chickpeas 2 heads bok choi, chopped ½ cup roasted unsalted cashews In large skillet, heat oil over medium. Add ginger. Cook, stirring, 1 minute. Add soy […]

Masoor Dal with Bok Choi

Masoor Dal (Red Lentils) with Bok Choi Ingredients: Oil as needed 1 ½ cups of Red Lentils 1 small finely chopped onion 1 medium tomato chopped 1 clove garlic minced 1 tbsp ginger, grated 1 Bok Choi, chopped ½ Cayenne pepper, minced Turmeric powder Whole Cumin Seeds Salt Cook the Red Lentils with Tomatoes, bok […]